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Node.Js API Development

HeyPayLess has Node.JS experts that are pros when it comes to server-side programming. We can support all sorts of business requirements of our clients. We have an array of highly skilled and knowledgeable developers in Bowie Maryland. We work in absolute JavaScript built on the mighty Version 8 engine.

Therefore, our developers are fast and proficient. Our Node.JS Experts can ensure you the best highly event-driven development experience for your web applications. You can also get access to our array of customized range of web development. We have plugins and portals that can be of great importance for your business’s growth.

With V8 JavaScript Engine, our pool of developers is ready to tackle any challenge and provide you a supreme level of web development. Node.JS API development was never so easy, at HeyPayLess, we make it engaging as well as the novel.

Backend development

HeyPayLess is the leading Node.JS Development company in Bowie Maryland. Our backend development services are the most sorted after in the region. Hire the best pool of talent with us and leverage the potential of our developers. We have the pros for executing your job in the most lucid way.

Passion is what drives the endeavors of our Node.JS developers at HeyPayLess. Server-side programming blended with backend development is what we love to do. We can also cater to your third-party web services in a splendid way.

Highly scalable and robust range of applications is delivered when you partner with HeyPayLess. Get access to a lesser parsing time with the help of our experts. Chatting applications backend development is performed with utmost care at HeyPayLess, avail the best services, now.

Node.Js Mobile App Development

HeyPayLess is making the best mobile application development in Bowie Maryland possible through our array of cross-platform development services. Our developers have attained expertise in domains like HTML5, CSS3 and much more. JavaScript development is what we are profoundly known for.

Our pool of expert developers can provide a native look as well as feel in the applications. Get access to the best cross-platform mobile app development enabled by our Node.JS framework developers. We are providing enterprise level solutions to our clients in the region.

You can also leverage our cloud service support a well as tons of plugins. Our highly customized plugins are specifically designed to make your web development process simpler and easy. We make sure that the end product passes through rigorous testing and the same is free from any sort of bug.

Enterprise Node.Js Development

Speed and Efficiency go hand-in-hand at HeyPayLess. Our developers are proficient enough when it comes to developing network applications that have the ability to cater both, higher throughput as well as parallel connections. V8 Engine use at our company is what helps us translate JavaScript directly into the machine code.

Get access to a real-time application development environment in the Bowie Maryland region. Data-intensive application development done by Node.JS developers is of superior quality. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a big company, our pool of expert developers can take care of every amenity.

Node.JS is taking the development market by storm, let us help you in building the best web application for your business. Get access to the financial dashboard, best e-commerce site development as well as chat engines at HeyPayLess.

Node.Js Migration Services

Looking forward to the best end-to-end Node.JS Migration services in Bowie Maryland? Well, what comes as a great fact is that HeyPayLess is providing an array of user-friendly Node JS web development services in the region. Get access to the best context-driven applications in the domain.

Consistency and Predictability are what our applications feature, our multi-disciplinary team of professionals can cater to your requirements and will provide superior Node.JS development services on demand. With proven methodologies, we are ready to bloom your web application development endeavors.

Node Js Enterprise App Development

Our non-blocking, I/O model is unique and provides a web application development experience which is both, lightweight & efficient. Consult the services of our large pool of talent at HeyPayLess, we’re known extensively for speed and scalable development in Bowie Maryland.

Enterprise App development by us is done in an exuberant way. API development and Plug-in support are available for our clients at their tips. Ajax development is also ensured by our experts.Flexible engagement models are available at your disposal. Cost-effective and time efficient solutions are guaranteed at HeyPayLess, avail now.

Node.Js Web Application Development

Our solutions include flexible support for e-Commerce and shopping cart development. We provide budget friendly solutions; our pool of expert developers has attained much experience and skills in Node.JS development environment.

Content management tools are also available to us at HeyPayLess. We are known profoundly in the Bowie Maryland region for developing apps with less parsing time and fruitful backend development experience. Easy access to our array of extensions is available for our clients.

A two-way communication is what we try to adapt, our developers will offer you a real-time web application services like chat engines as well as games. Excellent client care is achievable at HeyPayLess.

We Love What We Do

Xtra Goals


XtraGoals is a football fantasy league contest where fans can meet, compete, and win exciting cash prizes. XtraGoals wanted to build a unique interactive website to engage football fans worldwide by integrating the standard rules and regulations of betting and let users play on the digital platform.

Xtra Goals wanted us to build a website for their fantasy football website with:

A feature had to be integrated into the website which will provide live score updates of the matches and change the contest team positions accordingly.
With real-time profile comparison they desired a feature which will help the players to compare their teams on real time basis.
An enterprise-grade administration panel was required to maintain a strong user database, support email id listing, and inquiry management.
They required systemized account management and monitoring of content through the administration panel.

The web platform was built keeping in mind the customized requirement of the clients with the following features:

The scores for different matches can be updated in real-time with a data integration and updating system.
With a responsive UI/UX across different platforms, users can experience engaging front-end experiences.
With integration from OPTA API, the statistics are relevant and ensured to be correct to the tiniest metrics.
We built an enterprise-grade panel for administrators to communicate and monitor the front-end and back-end activities.
Platform Technology
Programming Language PHP, MySQL, Javascript
Development Kit LAMP Stack
Web Framework Laravel 5.2 , AngularJS version 1, jQuery,
Payment Gateway PayPal, GTPay
Server Amazon AWS
042 Clinic

042 Clinics

O42Clinics is a leading company providing great medical facilities and bridging the gap between the doctors and patients. They wanted to build a web-based application to let both parties to connect and communicate with each other.

042Clinics wanted a healthcare portal for doctors to connect and monitor the health and well-being of their patients.

A web-based platform is required for different parties of the healthcare industries to communicate and co-ordinate with each other.
Healthcare companies have been facing leakages regarding personal patient information due to misuse of data. Patient information is not kept encrypted even though it may have sensitive and personal information.
Due to the lack of digital payment systems, there is a manual transfer for funds to be carried out which leads to funds being misplaced and misused.
There is a lack of real-time communication between patients and doctors to give constant updates regarding their condition and updates in case of emergencies.

We built a highly responsive social media portal for the medical industry with a well-designed patient portal with the following features:

We engineered a cross-currency algorithm to the payment system using Google API integration, to allow payments from across the world and convert them to the home currency of the doctor. Third-party integration enabled a dedicated and controlled payment platform, accepting all major cards across the globe.
SecureVault, a dedicated security server, was integrated for ensuring proper inspection of doctor certificates before registration to enable a thorough lock-tight process and eradicate fraud. The credentials and sensitive healthcare information of both parties, were also secured.
Using Laravel, the application was built with features added for tele and video conferencing between patients and doctors. A chat platform was also added to allow swift and real-time messaging. Scheduling and charting capabilities let users book appointments with their chosen doctor on the application.
Users can book their clinic appointments online, fill their prescriptions online, message their healthcare providers directly, receive their test result online, grant temporary access to a new healthcare provider for continuity of care, and complete pre-appointment form online all on one platform.
Platform Technology
Programming Language PHP, Javascript
Development Kit Netbeans
Web Framework Laravel, AngularJS & SailsJS (NodeJS)
Libraries Jquery, Underscorejs, Twilio, PubNub
Server Amazon AWS

Jeans Restaurant Supply

Jean’s Restaurant is the leading company in supplying high-quality restaurant equipment and they have expanded since their inception in 1983. They had an obsolete web design and required a new-gen web platform to attract new customers.

With the advent of the digital world, JRS wanted to replace their obsolete system with a web platform that would give them an online presence and increase their sales.

Due to a lack of existing online presence, restaurant supply stores lose out on a huge market online and cannot drive traffic to their website.
The traditional platforms of restaurant supply stores lead to increased costs and delays due to manual errors.
Coupled with an outdated website, unorganized product catalogues & ill-strategized SEO implementation their website suffered massive rise in bounce rates.
Due to the extended supply chain involved in the restaurant supply industry, administration and monitoring issues are increased.

We built a robust web platform with enterprise-grade designs for optimized user experiences and driving sales through digital marketing with the following features:

Integrated high-quality images were added to the website to provide the customers with beautiful designs and clear information regarding products.
We integrated the website with Epicode CRM. It manages product catalogues, quantity and updates the prices automatically.
We transform an old-school business website to a modern and next-gen web solution with a dynamic and interactive design.
We engineered cohesive SEO, SMO and PPC strategies, to ensure an optimized and effective digital marketing scheme that drove specific location-based audience to the website.
Platform Technology
Programming Language PHP, Javascript
Development Kit Sublime Text, PhpStorm
Web Framework Magento
Libraries Jquery,Twilio
Server Amazon AWS
Third party integration Epicor ERP, Google Merchant, Mailchimp

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