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Unity 3D Games Development

HeyPayless is a Unity 3D Game Development leading company in Glen Burnie, Maryland. We are providing an array of great customized game development solutions & services to our clients stretching the boundaries of the region. We hold immense expertise in Unity 3D Game Development segment.

Our developers can work proficiently for the purpose of developing cross-platform UNITY 3D projects for our users. Blended with our skilled graphic designers as well as programmers, we can take your unity 3d game development endeavors to a whole new level.

We strive to come up with innovative and interactive applications as per your requirement. The competition in the present gaming market is booming, we can be your best pick to tackle the same through a variety of our out of the box unity 3D games.

Mobile Game Development

Making use of frameworks like Box2D, Unity3D, HTML5 as well as Adobe, mobile game developers at HeyPayless are creating a difference when it comes to developing state-of-the-art games. The company deals in advanced 3D as well as 2D game development in the Glen Burnie, Maryland region.

We can also develop large sale multiplayer online or real-time games by leveraging ROR, PHP, Fox Server & MongoDB. HeyPayless is guaranteeing a thrilling game experience to all of our clients. Seamless, flawless, end-to-end execution is possible with us.

iOS Game Development

It’d be evident to say that the surge in the game development for iOS platform devices like iPhone, iPad and more have led to a great deal of advancement in iOS Game Development process around the world. HeyPayLess is providing a robust iOS games development service.

Developing apps for devices like iPad and iPhone, our developers are creating most exquisite of the applications in segments like social, action, arcade and much more. We know what it takes to build awesome games for specific iOS devices.

Our team in Glen Burnie, MD consists of proficient iOS game developers having the deep knowledge about the platforms like Cocos-2Dx, Angular JS, Unreal, ARKit and more.

Android Game Development

Having a considerably great record of success when it comes to developing Android games, HeyPayless can be your out of the box pick in Glen Burnie, Maryland. We have an innovative as well as an experienced development team that aims to deliver revolutionary Android applications.

We take utmost care while developing the games, we inculcate your needs & our technical assistance in an exuberant way. Looking for a dynamic twist you our Android game development needs? Well, we are here for you with the best.

We strive to provide the needed lush visual appearance for the purpose of making the games engaging, intriguing as well as interesting. This can also help you enticing an array of a niche audience.

AR Game Development

With a surge location-based games, we can say that the future of gaming is the Augmented reality. Few AR Games changes the market completely and people are now going gaga over the same. HeyPayless is catering to the massive surge in demand for AR games by providing most dedicated development services.

Based in Glen Burnie MD, we cater virtual reality game development by using latest tools like Unity 5 toolkit. Technical challenges and a new platform go hand in hand when we talk about location-based Augmented reality games. HeyPayless can simplify the challenges and can also let you maximise your gaming audience.

Our developers have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to GPS, mapping, unity map textures, device camera, GIS fundamentals and more.

Cross-Platform Game Development

HeyPayless is one of the top cross-platform game development company in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The company constantly aims to redefine the definition of novelty with our every new project. Our developers strive to develop a solid application base for gaming. Plus, we know how to provide an impeccable gaming experience.

We cover a majority of online platforms, graphic-rich games, 2D and 3D games as well as cross-platform development for devices running on Android or iOS as well. We specialize to develop cross-platform games for segments like Action games, Sports games, Card as well as the poker game.

HeyPayless works with technologies like Smart Fox Server, HTML5, Unity as well as the Unreal engine. Contact us now for the best gaming development experience.

Desktop & PC Game Development

Looking forward to most phenomenal games for your desktop and PCs? HeyPayless is offering out of the box Desktop and PC game development services for both, 2D and 3D games in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Our developers have added experience in developing awesome and engaging games.

From action strategy to horror games, we can develop every sort of game for your desktop and that too understanding your requirements. We guarantee to make exciting and engaging games for you from scratch. We are offering end-to-end game development services which include design, coding, and testing.

Online Game Development

Online games have come really a long way, today they are everywhere on the internet. Developing an online game requires a deep understanding of different platforms. HeyPayless guarantees you an array of great solutions for developing the best online games.

Our online game development is done by making using of level design, best UI.UX, expressive coding as well as scripting. Our developers work extensively on development and deployment of the games. HeyPayless is available to support you in your challenges.

We Love What We Do

Afro Emoji

Afro Emoji wanted an Android and iOS-based mobile application that let the African community express themselves in their own local style through the digital medium. They wanted to convert their idea of emotions into a cross-platform mobile application.

Afro Emoji wanted to engineer a mobile application on iOS and Android platforms from scratch.

Afro Emoji required us to engineer a mobile application for their idea on both iOS and Android platforms from scratch.
The UI/UX had to responsive across platforms for an optimized user experience. The interface needed to be alert in real-time to user response.
The application needed to be compatible with different messaging and chat applications, and be integrated with customized size specifications.
The features of the designs had to be rich and appealing to the users to ensure that they could be used to convey different emotions.

We provided dedicated development teams with detailed excellence to provide a hybrid mobile app solution for cross-platform excellence.

We converted their idea to an application by building their online presence on both popular PlayStore platforms, Apple and Android. Dedicated teams with detailed excellence were assigned and carried out optimal development for each platform. The applications were crafted with the specific requirement of each platform in mind.
Afro Emoji wanted the designs of the Emoji to have an expressive and interactive feel, letting them convey the variety of emotions needed to be portrayed. The emojis had a lifelike element, helping the user convey their thoughts accurately in the manner they wanted to.
Each emoji has designed and developed with the ability to be used externally outside the app, on all major social platforms. With the click of a button, the emoji can be exported to Facebook when a user wants to use an emoji on that platform.
Each emoji can be shared and integrated into different messaging applications and will adjust as per the resolution of the application. Intensive resolution testing, ensured the size of any emoji on the application would always adapt to the optimal version of any messaging application.
Platform Technology
Programming Languages PHP MySQL Javascript
Development Kit Android SDK, NDK , XCODE
Libraries Ionic v1, Angular v1, crashlytics


DuoTrac is a leading company providing virtual coaching to aspirant golfers and helping them to hone their talents. When they came to us they wanted a virtual golf coaching mobile app that could help young aspirant golfers learn and grow.

They wanted a finely designed android based application that could virtually teach golf through the technology of 3D gaming.

The coaching experience had to be on the virtual platform to ensure the students could learn and train on-the-go.
Due to the heavy framework and constant connectivity required, the application required strong communication between the application and sensors.
The application required segmented data analysis to record different statistics and provide a comprehensive analysis regarding every performance.
The application required a responsive 3D UI/UX to ensure that every moment of the player was updated in-real-time and the game was a visually engaging experience.

We built a mobile app solution with real-time coaching that allows the players to get complete guidance to learn the game.

The CalcEngine provided a strong link between the sensors to maintain accuracy in data analysis. It analyzed real-time, exact, and vivid data relating to players performance for calculation and comparison.
The mobile application has effective communication between the engine and the sensors that ensures real-time updating of graphics and visuals.
The application is integrated with a 3D visual system that captures each player movement in stunning definition and are provides comprehensive live visuals that help determine the exact performance of the user.
The application was built around an analytical game engine which recognized each player movement in real-time and recorded each movement in the vast game database.
Platform Technology
Programming Languages JAVA, C, XML
Development Kit Android SDK, NDK
Security Framework proguard
Wireless Communication BLE, Bluetooth
Libraries butterknife, retrofit2, okhttp, picasso, brightcove, crashlytics


GSNS is a leading logistics provider throughout Canada. GSNS wanted to digitally transform their traditional working system into an up-to-date, innovative method of working.

GSNS wanted us to digitally transform their company with a mobile app solution that would automate their delivery process and replace the traditional system.

Traditional logistic systems lead to increased costs due to human errors incurred at various stages of the supply chain system. Delays incurred due to miscommunication, faulty deliveries, and defective product returns are unavoidable costs.
Existing delivery services such as click-and-collect, fail to provide an efficient solution for customers to personalize their delivery time slots. Customers opt to select logistic services that offer deliveries as per their specific need.
Traditional logistic systems fail to provide real-time tracking of products. This does not allow communication along the supply chain and leads to delays as adjustments cannot be made.

We engineered a mobile application for drivers with navigation and communication capabilities along with the following features.

An order processing system was built to help the user calculate order delivery distance, total time and the cost to be incurred. This gave the user complete estimation of the delivery process.
Mobile offline mode integration allows users to view and update order details without internet access ensures real-time communication throughout the day with and without connectivity.
Google API was integrated to modernize the delivery process and allow customers and drivers to see the correct route from starting point to the destination. It enabled precise order tracking and optimized routes.
Customers can create an order for a respective location to be delivered on a specific date and can use order calculation to know the quote, book drivers, and receive invoices.
Platform Technology
Programming Languages PHP, AngularJs
Development Kit Android SDK
Framework Used Ionic Framework
Web Framework Zend (For backend APIs)
Libraries ngCordova
On-Demand Cloud AWS

We Roll On

WeRollOn is a social network constructed for a disabled community to connect and create experiences along with getting the help they require. They wanted a one-of-a-kind idea and demanded the same level of innovation in building their digital platform.

We Roll On desired to build a complete social network, segmented into parts to provide a virtual experience of the daily interactions in life, on a digital platform.

A strong web development solution was required to build a complex and vast website that connected people.
Real-time communication was required to connect and communicate with people to express their thoughts along with getting the care they require.
A comprehensive social network was required to let users provide a platform to post their statuses and share their daily updates in life.
An enterprise-grade administration platform was required to control the activities on the website and handle account management of users.

We engineered a mobile app platform for disabled children to connect, communicate with each and express their thoughts along with getting the care they required.

We engineered a web platform with a detailed timeline by integrating media uploading through videos/photos, status updates, user profiles classified into segments, developing emoji’s through J-query plug-ins and status updating capabilities.
We engineered multiple account management platforms for user accounts, admin accounts, and nurse’s accounts to be customized as per their individual needs. The accounts are powered with complete front-end and back-end access to allow detailed control and viewing over public content.
A dynamic social network was engineered with modern and relevant interface to attract and appeal the modern demographic of users. A vast network of features was segmented and classified with detailed precision to ensure ease of navigation at click-point.
Chat capabilities were integrated in web platforms and facilitated the use of emoji’s in real-time messaging. A common platform was built with a fixed topic decided every day through admin access. Word analytic tools were integrated for eradication of spam and automatic banning.
Platform Technology
Programming Languages PHP, Javascript, MYSQL, HTML5, CSS3
Javascript Framework Jquery, SocketIO, Nodejs
Framework Laravel

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