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AuraFx wanted to develop a new trading application for their users, which offers great usability and features.

Developed a new trading web application from ground up, a perfect mix of features, functionality, and simple navigation. We created custom actions and program in meta-trader platform to automate user actions and reduce their screen monitor time.

Strategy Development & Consulting

User Research

Created Complex Algorithms & Formulas

Enterprise Application

Performance Testing

Meta Trader 4



Premiere wanted their new website to be a modern eCommerce store to make natural medical products available for users.

We delivered an internal administration system to manage the co-ordination, communication, and optimize the administration of the company. This comprehensive solution also ensured customer satisfaction and administrational ease.

Data Segmentation and Classifications

Administration Panel With Back-end & Front-end Control

Inventory Management and Optimization



Sql Server 2008

Windows services

WCF services

Multi Client-Database architecture




eClinic wanted a healthcare portal for doctors to connect, communicate and monitor the health and well-being of their patients through the virtual medium.

We built a digital platform for eClinic that provided patient and doctor e-care management through quick collaboration on the world-wide web. It simplified the healthcare process through building a web application.

Tele/Video Conferencing

Dedicated Security Integration

Registration Capabilities

Account Management

Scheduling Appointments

Chat/Messaging Application

Laravel PHP Framework

HIPPA Compliance




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