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Open Source CMS Development

At HeyPayless Glen Burnie, MD, one can experience the mos-novel CMS development overhaul offered by the expert team of WordPress developers. We provide free services which might help in the overall development of the site and regular improvement in the rate of profit.

The CMS development is extremely responsible for better progress in lesser time which additionally contributes towards an increasing Return on Investment.

HeyPayless has been exceedingly trusted to bring the best open source CMS solutions which will further provide flexibility, measurability, steadiness and easy going continuance to the website.

WordPress Migration

A website can be migrated to a diverse location easily without much procedural knowledge required for the task. The WordPress developers’ team at HeyPayless Glen Burnie, MD allows the user to export their website through a simple drag and drop method to another WordPress page.

Any serialization problems during the replacement course will also be auto-fixed by our panel at HeyPayless Glen Burnie, MD.

The most imperative factor is that all the migration plugins can be easily operated through other devices too. This is how HeyPayless helps in making the job effortlessly manageable.

Custom Plug-In Development

The Custom plug-in allows the users to add their own features to the website without any kind of interruption in the original functions. HeyPayless Glen Burnie, MD has a team of accomplished plug-in developers available to evade any kind of loss or errors whilst these changes occur on the site.

The plugins that we acquire online may contain plentiful features that are of no use to us. Users can add essential and stimulating functionalities that go well with your business particularly.

Using Custom Plug-in Development, you can save money and create a plugin according to the genuine obligation of your website.

WordPress Responsive Web Development

The Responsive Web Development offered by HeyPayless Glen Burnie, MD adds flexible images and background to the website. It includes several CSS sheets depending upon the screen size and browser to be used.

Touchscreen sliders and supplementary interfaces can be added so that the website can be easily used in mobile phones. With HeyPayless, you can be that your website is made easily accessible on a range of devices.

Today, when most of the people use tablets or smartphones for their routine work, we make sure that our work is exceedingly approachable towards every possible device.

WordPress Theme Development

This feature at HeyPayless Glen Burnie, MD helps in separating the system files from presentation and template files which helps in upgrading your website without any drastic visual changes. The feature allows quick customization of the site layout.

Nowadays, there is no need to be faultless in CSS, HTML, and PHP for a remarkable website. The developers use specific CSS standards and minimize the utilization of hacks for the betterment of the site.

The WordPress theme development services provided by HeyPayless will help in building an exceptional site with the desired functionalities.

WordPress Theme Integration

Theme integration is made much easier by the team of professionals working at HeyPayless Glen Burnie, MD. You can now install and operate the top integrated themes shortlisted particularly for your site as per the requirements of your business.

These themes help in stimulating new ideas and better management of the website. Creating a theme which goes entirely with your website could be a complicated task.

Therefore, we help in adding integrated themes to the site so that all requirements are fulfilled without much effort.

WordPress Module Installation & System Design

Installation and designing of WordPress modules is an imperative task to be taken care of by our experienced wordpress developers. HeyPayless Glen Burnie, MD helps in selecting the best modules that suite your business and website the best.

The users can search for repositories on the WordPress to find if some of the pre-designed plugins match your requirements. Then, these modules could be installed and added to the website as per necessity.

Modules could be more useful if they were used for a website quite similar to your site. They help in getting innovative ideas and saving time.

WordPress Theme Integration & Website Migration

The users at HeyPayless Glen Burnie, MD are provided with the flexibility of applying integrated themes suiting their customized business. The users have customary guidance and guidelines of the expert designers at HeyPayless.

The website could also be made an interactive one so that the clients may suggest any changes to the current set-up if required.

Selecting a suitable integrated theme could be a tricky task but it surely helps a lot in making the site easy to handle. HeyPayless Glen Burnie, MD helps in finding the most appropriate theme according to the website which saves ample of time.

Enterprise-Grade WordPress CMS

While upgrading or exporting website, the most important factor that should be taken care of is the CMS of the website. To make a website successful all you require is an easy-to-publish and easily manageable CMS. The website can be frequently operated on any device and this flexibility comes out as an additional feature with the CMS services.

At HeyPayless, our specialized team works on the Enterprise-Grade CMS of the website so that it satisfies the digital executives. A website must be scalable, secure as well as extendable in order to encompass an ideal Enterprise-Grade CMS.

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042 Clinic

042 Clinic

O42Clinics is a leading company providing great medical facilities and bridging the gap between the doctors and patients. They wanted to build a web-based application to let both parties to connect and communicate with each other.

042Clinics wanted a healthcare portal for doctors to connect and monitor the health and well-being of their patients.

A web-based platform is required for different parties of the healthcare industries to communicate and co-ordinate with each other.
Healthcare companies have been facing leakages regarding personal patient information due to misuse of data. Patient information is not kept encrypted even though it may have sensitive and personal information.
Due to the lack of digital payment systems, there is a manual transfer for funds to be carried out which leads to funds being misplaced and misused.
There is a lack of real-time communication between patients and doctors to give constant updates regarding their condition and updates in case of emergencies.

We built a highly responsive social media portal for the medical industry with a well-designed patient portal with the following features:

We engineered a cross-currency algorithm to the payment system using Google API integration, to allow payments from across the world and convert them to the home currency of the doctor. Third-party integration enabled a dedicated and controlled payment platform, accepting all major cards across the globe.
SecureVault, a dedicated security server, was integrated for ensuring proper inspection of doctor certificates before registration to enable a thorough lock-tight process and eradicate fraud. The credentials and sensitive healthcare information of both parties, were also secured.
Using Laravel, the application was built with features added for tele and video conferencing between patients and doctors. A chat platform was also added to allow swift and real-time messaging. Scheduling and charting capabilities let users book appointments with their chosen doctor on the application.
Users can book their clinic appointments online, fill their prescriptions online, message their healthcare providers directly, receive their test result online, grant temporary access to a new healthcare provider for continuity of care, and complete pre-appointment form online all on one platform.
Platform Technology
Programming Language PHP, Javascript
Development Kit Netbeans
Web Framework Laravel, AngularJS & SailsJS (NodeJS)
Libraries Jquery, Underscorejs, Twilio, PubNub
Server Amazon AWS
Cloud Computing HIPAA, Twilio

Jeans Restaurant Supply

Jean’s Restaurant is the leading company in supplying high-quality restaurant equipment and they have expanded since their inception in 1983. They had an obsolete web design and required a new-gen web platform to attract new customers.

With the advent of the digital world, JRS wanted to replace their obsolete system with a web platform that would give them an online presence and increase their sales.

Due to a lack of existing online presence, restaurant supply stores lose out on a huge market online and cannot drive traffic to their website.
The traditional platforms of restaurant supply stores lead to increased costs and delays due to manual errors.
Coupled with an outdated website, unorganized product catalogues & ill-strategized SEO implementation their website suffered massive rise in bounce rates.
Due to the extended supply chain involved in the restaurant supply industry, administration and monitoring issues are increased.

We built a robust web platform with enterprise-grade designs for optimized user experiences and driving sales through digital marketing with the following features

Integrated high-quality images were added to the website to provide the customers with beautiful designs and clear information regarding products
We integrated the website with Epicode CRM. It manages product catalogues, quantity and updates the prices automatically.
We transform an old-school business website to a modern and next-gen web solution with a dynamic and interactive design.
We engineered cohesive SEO, SMO and PPC strategies, to ensure an optimized and effective digital marketing scheme that drove specific location-based audience to the website.
Platform Technology
Programming Languages PHP Zend Framework 2, JavaScript, Angular.JS, Magento
Front-End Framework BootStrap 3.3, Ionic Framework
Database System MySQL


Moesus is a leading company in real estate business and they have revolutionized the functioning of the real estate industry. They demanded a highly responsive website where different users can meet and do business seamlessly. They needed a responsive and user-friendly UI/UX along with a robust back-end framework.

Moesus did not have an online presence for their real estate business. They were facing the following challenges

The data gathered by different parties of the real-estate chain such as brokers, traders, and buyers could not be accumulated on a single platform and would often lead to delays and rising of operational costs.
All the parties could not be updated in real-time regarding the status of a transaction leading to miscommunication and different parties not being on the same wavelength.
Without a digital presence, they were losing out on a huge market share to their competitors that was available online.
Due to large amounts having to be transferred physically in different countries, there was an urgent requirement for a single platform where transactions could be processed safely and securely.

We engineered a website for Moesus with a responsive front-end and robust back-end web solution with the following features

We built an administration system with complete front-end and back-end control to ensure complete monitoring and customization.
We engineered a responsive UI/UX web solution with optimization of responsive front-end and back-end experiences for customers.
With a push notification system, we engineered real-time alerts and notifications for all our users and administrators.
We build a payment gateway integration service that authorizes card or facilitates the option of direct payments, securely.
Platform Technology
Coding Language: Bootstrap
Programming Language avaScript, PHP, MySQL

Children's Lane

Children’s lane wanted to create a unique marketplace to buy, sell or discover new fashion and other utility products for children.

Children’s Lane required a website that would integrate new-gen eCommerce capabilities along with a feature-rich segmented design.

Traditional systems of payment fail to provide payment ease for users that allow them to make transactions in different currencies.
Physical point-of-sale systems fail to make gather customer data and make analysis to provide better customer experiences.
They required a social media presence to capture the market online and not let their competitors have the advantage.
Physical systems of marketplaces do not allow for efficient administration of workplace orders and buying history.

We created a new-gen platform by reinventing their website and offering eCommerce solutions for children products.

We engineered an enterprise-grade administration panel for workflow efficiency through digitization of optimal business processes.
We created an optimal data analysis and engineering system for data collection, classification, segmentation and create graphical relationships that explain user buying behavior.
By integrating social media icons and connectivity throughout the website, we ensured users could easily reach and interact with the website.
Our payment integration gateway allowed for digital transactions to be carried out in an encrypted manner in various currencies from different parts of the world.
Platform Technology
Programming Language PHP, Javascript
Development Kit Sublime Text, PhpStorm
Web Framework Magentocs
Libraries Jquery,Twilio
Server Amazon AWS
Third party integration Epicor ERP, Google Merchant, Mailchimp


XtraGoals is a football fantasy league contest where fans can meet, compete, and win exciting cash prizes. XtraGoals wanted to build a unique interactive website to engage football fans worldwide by integrating the standard rules and regulations of betting and let users play on the digital platform.

Xtra Goals wanted us to build a website for their fantasy football website with

A feature had to be integrated into the website which will provide live score updates of the matches and change the contest team positions accordingly.
With real-time profile comparison they desired a feature which will help the players to compare their teams on real time basis.
An enterprise-grade administration panel was required to maintain a strong user database, support email id listing, and inquiry management.
They required systemized account management and monitoring of content through the administration panel.

The web platform was built keeping in mind the customized requirement of the clients with the following features

The scores for different matches can be updated in real-time with a data integration and updating system
With a responsive UI/UX across different platforms, users can experience engaging front-end experiences.
With integration from OPTA API, the statistics are relevant and ensured to be correct to the tiniest metrics.
We built an enterprise-grade panel for administrators to communicate and monitor the front-end and back-end activities.
Platform Technology
Markup Language HTML5, CSS3
Programming Language jQuery, JavaScript, Angular JS
Technologies Amazon AWS

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