The Making of DuoTrac: A Next-Gen BLE Sensing Golf Application

The Making of DuoTrac: A Next-Gen BLE Sensing Golf Application

Here’s a glimpse of one product, that got us on our toes, it’s got style, technology & most of all, it’s got a challenge. Recently, we got a project that required us to go back to our physics textbooks and it was fun.

Creating a simple software may not be that much challenging, but going out of the way to deliver to the fullest with the latest IoT technology might get overwhelming. That’s exactly what happened with this product that our team started working on;

DuoTrac: A virtual coach for golfers. The technologies involved – wireless, sensors and the most desirable thing called the internet! Duotrac is a leading company that provides virtual coaching to golfers & helps them to hone their talents through a meticulously designed mobile application.

All they wanted is a flawless Android app exclusively for golfers to coach themselves through IoT and smart sensors. There were three milestones we had to achieve in making this app successful.

  • Creating a smooth user-friendly app
  • Synchronizing the app with sensors
  • Giving the user a real life experience with perfect precision for perfect results

With all of this in mind, the developers gathered with brainstorming and knowledge accumulations to develop this app. In other words, programmers had to create an app to replace a real life coach.

The app had to be easy to use and still complicated within to work out perfect precision and mathematical calculations. It had to be a comprehensive guidance app with visual representations that could literally teach you how to play golf. With a strong and flawless app-sensor connection with complex algorithms that were fed into a special CalcEngine to give precise results and statistics.

So here’s how we did it –

With four sensors precisely attached, (two to a golf stick and two to the waist of the player) that sent data to the phone via the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). These sensors help track the golf swing parameters like club face angle, weight shift, speed, club path etc. based on the player’s movement and send this raw data to the mobile app. The sensors track the position of the golf club and the waste, it also tracks the movement of the body. Once the data is transferred to the mobile, it is then processed by the CalcEngine which is fed with complex formulae to calculate the result of the strike.

This involves a lot of physics, as the movement of the club and the waste need to be precise to get the result. These movements are detected and processed using kinematics and projectile motion and by applying filters for specific results.

The Result

Swing performance



The Transition



Club face path



Face angle at impact



Weight shift



Bowing and Cupping 



When these details reach the mobile app via BLE, it is uploaded to the CalcEngine via the internet. The CalcEngine then receives the data and processes. This data is made into a sensible report showing the player – his/her performance as well as the improvements required. All this is achieved with complex algorithms, formulae, and computation which are fed into the CalcEngine to calculate the final the statistics of the golf swing parameters (as mentioned above).

Once the entire process of calculation is done using formulae and logic from physics and mathematics respectively, the players game is assessed and the final result is displayed to the user.