Four HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Solutions For Your Healthcare Application That Are Not AWS

Four HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Solutions For Your Healthcare Application That Are Not AWS

It is obvious that if you’re building a healthcare application, it is mandated that your application may necessitate the HIPAA compliant hosting cloud server.If you are involved in storing,collecting or even transmitting the public health information then you are required to be an HIPAA compliant.

In lieu of the guidelines published under the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, anyone who is associated with developing of mHealth, eHealth or even the wearable tech apps which involve dealing of the PHI i.e. Protected Health Information is required to meet the protocols for the technological safety as well as the administrative safety of classified health info.

If you’re looking forward to launching the HIPAA-compliant healthcare application,then you can build the entire application in compliance with the HIPAA protocols at the backend with own server(dedicated) support. The option can be a bit costly, there is also an another option. The user can leverage the power of the cloud hosting services that provide an HIPAA compliant hosting solution.

There is an array of deemed cloud hosting providers that are proficient enough to provide you with the HIPAA compliant hosting: –


To make sure that your healthcare application stands to the protocols defined by the HIPAA, considering opting for TrueVault can be your best pick.

The provider guarantees the compliance of your app with the HIPAA norms. The company is a deemed HIPAA compliant cloud hosting provider, in other words, it is a store which can ensure secure storage of your data.

With a secure API available at your disposal to stack the confidential health care info, the site can handle the all the physical as well as the technical norms that are mandated by the HIPAA.

Launching the application with the aid of TrueVault is an easy task, the provider will sign a BAA i.e. Business Associate Agreement with you on the successful setting up of your account. The agreement certifies the protection of the customer under the privacy and breach of data insurance policy.

The provider has a dynamic UI allowing you to store and access the protected health information in any format you desire through the revolutionary RESTful API. Deemed identity & access controls are also provided for the same.

Microsoft Azure

The other major player that is known to provide the best of the cloud hosting services is the Microsoft Azure. The company’s cloud computing platform is the most suited one if your healthcare application is built on .NET .
The services of the MS Azure have been divided over the three prime pillars- the foremost is the IaaS or virtual machines, then comes the web hosting and the last one is the platform.

The provider has been certified to provide a foundation with regard to HIPAA compliant healthcare applications. The end-user support can be managed by the Microsoft Azure subscriber only.


FireHost is one of the most inclusive and secure cloud hosting provider amidst the large array of companies. The provider has a deemed cloud infrastructure to aid your healthcare application with HIPAA compliant norms.

The provider equips the user with the set of tools, ensuring the absolute insight required for the compliance such as gap analysis, audit, secured infrastructure and more. The provider is certified to transact amongst the HIPAA compliance needs by the HITRUST.

When you as a user sign-up with the provider, a BAA is generated. You are required to submit the BAA, this ensures the acquisition of the server configurations for your HIPAA compliant healthcare application.


Best suited to deal amidst sensitive & regulated data, the Armor is one of the best solutions when it comes to secure cloud hosting for your HIPAA app.

The company has a totally secure business policy which provides high-end infrastructure and proven talent to aid your launching process.
A 24x7x365 support has been ensured by the company as well. The provider can be the ideal solution when it comes to launching the healthcare app in compliance with HIPAA norms, streamline audit support is also present with Armor.

Final Words

Combating the threats is a must, especially when one is handling the sensitive information prone to external influences. With a suitable and secure web hosting service, you can save big and can also get an all-round security of your data. One just can’t afford the breach or the data, consider a deemed HIPPA compliant web hosting server and get ensured about the safety.