How Dedicated Hiring Aids Customer Scale Their Episerver Software Business?

How Dedicated Hiring Aids Customer Scale Their Episerver Software Business?


Who We Are:

Over the years, we have established our repute globally with a business association of 350+ companies, spanning across 5 countries. This we have attained, through our extensive experience and deep industry know-how. Our teams of developers work tirelessly to provide excellence in a holistic fashion and consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

At HeyPayless, we believe in delivering best-in-class experiences for continual business relationships that enable our customers to grow from strength to strength. We believe in providing software developers that will succeed in turning your enterprise into the vision you have for it. Not just at the outset, but our service pattern allows for ongoing product support and development. We believe in the provision of cost-efficient solutions and services, without any compromise in quality and excellence.

Why Us:

Our expertise on the Episerver software is undeniably above excellence. Our teams of developers have been proficient in scaling your business with Episerver products. Further, we have extensive experience in enabling the benefits of the Episerver platform to your specific business. An independent study from Forrester shows that Episerver customers get 443% ROI over three years and reach a break-even point in less than 6 months. As a top-notch name in the industry today, Episerver is now the preferred choice in marketing technology and digital commerce.


Over the years, we have created an industry name for ourselves, among the following areas of Episerver software:


Episerver CMS:

This is an industry leading web content management system, with digital marketing capabilities. It allows editors and developers to drag and drop content in a prompt fashion to unique digital panoramas that are supremely responsive. The CMS allows for swift and smooth management of content and marketing through a single screen concept, with ample room for personalization. This personalization can be undertaken through personas, segments or individual users. The Episerver CMS benefits of simplified overall development and integration with external systems for automation, search, PIM, payments, etc. have made it a leading .NET CMS platform.


This powerful CMS is ideal for medium-sized to enterprise-level companies, which is designed to address challenges through marketing, branding and lead generation. IT involvement can be minimalized, and brand awareness and engagement can be significantly increased through its usage.


As a certified Episerver CMS implementation partner, we deployed a dedicated team that is experienced and excels at addressing the specific requirements toward implementation and customization.


Key advantages of the Episerver CMS platform are as follows:

Manage content and marketing campaigns in a single screen dynamic

  • Automatic A/B Testing, landing pages and content recommendations
  • Easy drag and drop capabilities of content and products

Episerver Commerce:

It is a complete and holistic digital commerce package. Through the management of catalogs, orders, customer data and profiles, payments and invoices across zones and regions, the Episerver E-commerce solution aids better experiences as you conduct your business in the digital world. Scale your business with Episerver commerce platform as you seamlessly combine content and product information. The artificial intelligence capabilities allow for automated customization and better experiences.


Through our deployment, the company was able to promptly and definitively engage with their users and turn them into loyal customers through the provision of high quality user experience. We enabled artificial intelligence to personalize the commerce platform to the customer’s specific requirements, which significantly increased their revenue and business.


Among the many Episerver commerce benefits, there is the versatility of the platform to prove advantageous to businesses of varied sizes. Through the proven expertise of the dedicated hiring team, we were able to give the company a definitive edge above its competitors.


Key Features of the Episerver Commerce Platform:

  1. All rounded, holistic solutions for e-commerce
  2. Seamless combination of content and product information
  3. Artificial intelligence capabilities for customization

Episerver Campaign:

A host of intelligent marketing automation techniques, the Episerver campaign benefits are extensive. The product is designed to enable prompt generation, automation and personalization of campaigns, which can significantly enhance the reach of the specific company. The influence of these campaigns is across devices and can be executed on the web, mobile phones, emails, text and social media.


Our team took on this campaign, along with artificial intelligence capabilities and customer data to create, broadcast and personalize data, based on real-time behavior. Through automated tracking and analysis, significant information about customer behavior and segment tracking was used to increase overall revenue.


Key Episerver Campaign Benefits:

  1. Highly specific marketing automation tool
  2. Personalized experience through real-time behaviour
  3. Artificial intelligence and customer data

Episerver Personalization:

A range of products and service that provides all-rounded personalization capabilities across products, content, campaigns, marketing strategies, etc. This is undertaken through a fairly simple SaaS subscription. Through the combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistical analysis, the customization benefits of Episerver personalization are a notch higher than those offered by other providers.


Our team first conducted a thorough analysis to identify the personalization requirements of our customer. This was followed by the incorporation of intelligent personalization techniques that empowered the company to create and present individualized content and products across multiple channels, without the burden of software complexities. Through the incorporation of the Data Management Platform (DMP), the team deployed highly specialized tools to create a personalized interface.


Key Episerver Personalization benefits include:

  1. Holistic behavioral ranking
  2. Specific product recommendations for web and email
  3. Automated customizable alerts and actions

Our Proven Expertise:

Our dedicated team comes with the following specialized approach:

  1. A definitive analysis document – This document is a description of the details of the requirements of the clients, along with an analysis of the developer’s viewpoint of requirements. It also enlists the process of execution and planning to reduce costs and increase quality of service. The overview, objectives, scope, risks, assumptions, approach and organization are all clearly defined to achieve accountable results.
  2. Creation of a Workplan – On the basis of the above-mentioned detailed document, our team then prepares a workplan with detailed and step-by-step instructions that defines process, timelines and achievable, with specific details such as resource allocation, etc.
  3. Clear Definition of Project Management Protocol – This is a mutual understanding of procedures to be followed during the management of the project. This creates a common understanding of working procedures between the company and the developers.
  4. Consistent Monitoring of Schedule and Budget – All through project execution, our team of developers never take their eyes off the schedule and budget that has been pre-defined. We, therefore, complete projects within the defined timelines, without increasing the approved costs.
  5. Prompt Resolution of Issues – For any issues that may crop up along the execution phase of the project, we adopt a quick resolution approach that looks to be mutually beneficial.

Among the many reasons to choose the Episerver platform, the digital experience cloud offers the following advantages:

Episerver Commerce – A holistic and specialized digital commerce platform.

Episerver CMS – A industry-leading CMS, created to offer convenient product and content requirements.

Episerver Find – An enterprise search product that can create landing pages in a dynamic fashion.

Episerver Personalized Find – Search results that are customized through the use of real-time behavior.

Episerver Advance – Personalization of content, undertaken through artificial intelligence.

Episerver Perform – Products and recommendations are customized with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Episerver Reach – Behavioral data is used to personalize emails and expand reach.

Episerver Insight – Automated capturing and analysis of customer data.

Episerver Social – Store, manage, moderate, deliver ratings, reviews, comments and groups in an efficient and automated way.

How to Start:

When it comes to cloud services, the Episerver cloud platform is among the top choices for customers to gain cutting-edge competitive advantage for short term and long term advantage. Use our dedicated hiring approach to multiple your company value ten-fold and increase overall productivity. Get in touch with us to receive an orientation from our team of developers and start your Episerver journey toward automation.