How Instagram’s Live Video Update is Changing Digital Content For Brands?

How Instagram’s Live Video Update is Changing Digital Content For Brands?

Not long ago when Facebook started live streaming, users never thought that this video gimmick can take over all social platforms.

Snapchat and Periscope were the masters of live video streaming since its inception and it has helped both platforms to make some loyal users.

However, when Instagram started a cold war with Snapchat of who win the social market, I think imitation has won it with a big margin.

As they say, imitation is the new game and Instagram knows how to play it well.

Instagram is combining the best of Periscope and Snapchat’s live video and giving it ephemeral spin rather than an overlap. With Instagram Live, you can now broadcast live videos to your followers in real-time, but they can only watch your video while you’re still streaming with no replays. Tricky?


For e.g. your retail outlet is launching a new collection for Christmas, you can record a live video for your followers and they can express their views through comments in real-time. Though you can’t save your live video, but it can be an amazing asset if you wish to share something exclusive with your followers.

Apart from followers, Instagram rolled out another feature for Explore page. You can browse a curated Explore page that shows the best of live videos happening around you. It’s a more personalized approach as compared to Snapchat’s global live video feed.

But why social giants are betting big on videos? Well, it’s all about the numbers!

Up to 300 million people use Instagram every day which is twice the users of Snapchat. However, YouTube is still relaxing on the top as 1 billion-plus users are spending millions of hours on online video every day. And Facebook and Snapchat have both exceeded 8 billion daily video views.

To know how video is changing social media, check out this awesome infographic from Hyperfine Media.




How Can You Fit Live Video Strategy in Your Marketing Plan?

The whole idea of Live Video marketing is to share exclusive moments with your followers. As Facebook shared in a blog post,

“Now that more and more people are watching live videos, we are considering live videos as a new content type—different from normal videos—and learning how to rank them for people in News Feed.”

GoPro is renowned for making amazing videos on different outdoor activities making the brand synonyms with sports. Today, the type of content you choose for marketing is the key point for brand building.

Video courtesy: GoPro

Understand Your Audience Behavior

Before you plan your next video strategy, understand- where’s your customer on social media? What are they consuming most? Does your target audience like to watch videos or read an informative article? What type of content will you share? How frequently you want to engage your audience?

Are your buyers on Instagram watching live fashion videos or on Pinterest creating their own boards on favorite books?

Creating a buyer persona for your audience can be your starting point. Learn their traits and target them accordingly.


Share Something Valuable

With Instagram Live Video, everything is happening on-the-go. Make sure you don’t just promote yourself or your business, share something useful that will keep them engaged. You’re building community and you need their time.

Despite focusing on promotion, be an information provider and you’ll definitely see your results coming in.


Blend Event & Brand Together

Are you or somebody from your team attending events that your followers are interested in? Well, you can create live stories about the event. You can promote your brand presence through events.

Take a short live interview with an influencer attending the event and see how your followers react to it. Make sure whatever you share from the event is exclusive and don’t let your competitors steal your thunders.


Treat it as TV

Live videos are now your portable TV. From native news to a faraway music festival, you can watch everything at one place. Now, you can take the game to the next level.

Have you ever dreamed of your own TV show? Well, the time is right for you to launch your much-awaited show not on TV, but on Instagram.

Start off with a weekly live travel story, interview sessions, a course or your own news channel.

For e.g. if your business deals in software development shenanigans, you can create weekly series on an interview with influencers that your followers are interested in. Ensure your content creates maximum engagement that they would love to spread the word about your show.

Final words

This may sound cliché, but being unique is the mantra. No matter what are you planning to share with the world live, make sure you don’t bore your followers out with same old content that everybody is talking about.

Live video can be your best friend if you know how to leverage its benefit for your brand. Pick your stories and events carefully and analyze your content results before you plan out next strategy.

That’s all for now.