The Future of Mobile: 2017 App Trends, Numbers & Predictions

The Future of Mobile: 2017 App Trends, Numbers & Predictions

Mobile phones in today’s world are essential and cannot be replaced easily. Consumer demands for mobile phones with the latest technology have been increasing. To satisfy the consumer needs with ever changing trends in mobile technology and app development, competitiveness of making the best mobile app keeps on increasing.

Growing demands have made innovation an essential part of the corporate and enterprise world. Things keep advancing with time so observation becomes a must! Everything on the web is coming down to the mobile, into the user’s control. Applications, sites, databases, think of it and all is in your hands.

With so many technologies being linked to mobiles through applications it becomes vital to know what is the latest updates. So here is a concise collection of the latest emulous trends for mobile.


The Current Sensation

Hybrid app development:

This is a rapidly developing technique in the mobile app development sector that’s doing multiple rounds in the industry. Given a chance and you will be enticed by its never ending features. It saves money, can be used in more than one operating system OS and is booming in quick app development requirements.


Although majority developers prefer the native style of development, requirements for Hybrid apps is increasing tremendously on the consumer side. On the contrary, HTML5 apps do not have any competition, that makes it a reasonable option to consider. Native apps are old school but for apps that require the best user performance, this is all you’ve got.


Beacon with integrated GPS technology:

The primary purpose of this technology is to blur the difference between online and offline. You must have noticed Youtube announcing its new offline mode this year. Devices using iOS already had this technology called iBeacon and now android is also entering into this territory. Tough competition I tell you! iBeacon technology with location information is grooming to show the right information for every retail enterprise.


Location-based technologies help track the right location which is giving essential information the user requires. This is very famous for retail and travel sectors. Needless to mention companies like Uber have made the most of this feature.


Virtual reality & Artificial Intelligence:

Virtual reality or augmented reality has its special place in the mobile gaming zone. Think about the recent Pokémon go, it’s there everywhere and has gone viral from the time it was released.



Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, is slow but gaining page in the mobile field. Companies like Google, Facebook and IBM are waiting with open arms to grab another chance to create history. Algorithms are getting complex and competitive with the entry of artificial intelligence.


Ensuring security & Consumer Apps

Enterprise apps are built on a strong engineering with challenging designs and complex developments of mobile apps. With lots of efforts and heavy graphics, it becomes necessary to prevent apps from being hacked.


Applications have been revolutionized and have changed the world, therefore, security threats are bound to take place. Mobile phones are very personal devices, securing it is a must.


Cloud-based mobile apps:

Building apps rapidly that need a lot of space to function properly? Cloud is the answer to every app that has heavy graphics and functions. They are fast, can be built without any restriction and most of all they are secure.


There has been a great upsurge in the use of multiple devices connected to mobiles. The focus is to integrate and sync mobile apps to multiple devices. Therefore, the cloud approach will enable technologies like IoT, AI, and wearable for multiple functionalities.


Integrating the big data:

Analytics plays a very important role in understanding the result of having a new technology out in the market. Specifically, for business purpose analysis is a must for decision making. Tracking the use of a device can be done efficiently by big data analysis.


It’s much more than just an analytics, it shows an insight into the future of something big. Actionable items in an app creating more engagement and hence understanding the result of such methods is important.


Prioritized navigation:

When you are talking about mobile apps they need to be efficient and clean to use. Complex navigation usually causes the user to uninstall an app.


Complex navigation usually results in high bounce rate. Unfriendly navigation can be a big blockage to success.

Well, all these styles and features fit in their own space and have advantages for better user experiences. But mobile technology has advanced further to collaborate with many other technologies and devices. The world is getting more compact and smaller with evolving technologies.


The New Entrants


Connecting one device to another that’s what internet of things is all about. In this setup, the mobile is always fixed only the device connected to your mobile will change. The future of IoT is unsure but it is expected to stage a significant level.


Everything is connected in the world of technology through Internet of Things.  It has grown exponentially with smart devices and wearables that keep adding to the list. In the coming years, it is expected to expand to its full potential. The world will come even closer as IoT takes the center stage. As the demand grows, app developers will need to extend their focus from smartphones to smart devices.



Wearable is limited but each one is innovative and useful. Thanks to Apple Watch and Google Glasses wearable technology is one of the hottest topics in the tech world. Consumer electronics industries are increasing and more devices are being interlinked.


Until now apps for wearable devices were mostly focused on the healthcare industry. But now, wearable devices are expected to be used by enterprises to improve productivity and efficiency. In recent times, there is a lot more noise around fashion and textile industries adopting the wearable technology. It sure will surge into every corner and industry in the coming days.


Google, Amazon (Amazon Prime Air) and many more of them are racing to launch the drone delivery services. So it sure imputes a strong message “Drones are here to stay”. In fact, they are expected to become more common in 2016. That’s when apps will become an essential part of this technology to control, track, manage and analyze activities performed by drones. There are already few apps built for drones like the Parrot AR. Mobile developers are now set to solve various issues in controlling this technology.



With all these technologies and more, developers need to come up with solutions to challenges dealing with security vulnerabilities. But solutions with a perfect direction is what makes your ideas stand out amongst the crowd. There are new expectations and new innovations to watch out for in the coming years. This is a good feeling although overwhelming at times.


Numbers & Predictions

Research revealed on an average 3.5 hours a day an individual uses a mobile device, therefore mobile advertising has shot up to 66% of all digital advertising investment by 2018.

Mobile devices account for 22 % of all eCommerce in retail and sales in the U.S., which may reach up to 27 percent by 2018 as predicted.


The global sales are expected to go up to $100 billion by 2018 for the wearable technology.

It will go mainstream with 2nd  generation Apple Watch, fitness trackers hitting and much more.Homes are also getting connected with IoT technology and by 2020 household and cars will have many smart objects.

On the other hand, what seemed like sci-fi a few years back has become the new trending technology called virtual reality. In the next phase, we will see solutions built around the mobile screen such as Google Cardboard and high-end gear like Oculus Rift.

M-commerce is predicted to account for 45% of all online purchases by 2020.

Whereas contactless payment is also expected this year. The number of devices having this facility is predicted to exceeding 600 million globally. So now it all comes down to where you stand in this new era of evolving technology. Source

What You Need for Your Idea

Every person thinks differently, some think about user experience, whereas others care more about the innovative ideas their app can portray. It’s difficult to control how a person thinks. But it’s easier to track and have an accumulated data of how people think to come to a final conclusion.

So based on the following analysis you can figure out a few things

Facebook research says, 73% of people have mobile devices. On the other hand, Google analytics 2014 concluded that average mobile sessions are 1 minute 10 seconds or 177 minutes per day. (2014 Google data)

About 4.8 billion people globally will use mobile phones in 2016 (Forrester research).

This clearly indicates that you need to have a strong presence through the mobile app. It’s not easy and it clearly is competitive. However, standard requirements never change. Your mobile app needs to be user-friendly, innovative, backed up with data and interactive.




Finally, Think & Act

What you believe and how people think matters

Attracting the masses isn’t the ultimate step to have your app booming in the market. You’ve got to send the message across regarding what you believe. You’ve got to find the right people at the right place. Understand them, engage then fulfill their requirements and comfort them.

Have the right direction

Let them discover to find a new way to think. A new solution that comforts them. Have features that attract and stay useful. Choose the right people to develop your app and give structure to your ideas. Structure the app to drive the buying behavior online and offline.

Design for user satisfaction and comfort

Lastly, the thumb looks for more than just the design and attractive layers. Design, Personalize, visualize, experiment and be unique. Look from the user perspective for an experience that stays long. And most of all, love what you do, that where the magic lies.

Ultimately that which stands and survives this fight of evolving technology is innovation and the best service. Many more ideas with out of the box concepts are always welcome in the world that’s losing out on the word impossible.