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Right from ideation to the market research, we strategize the complete roadmap to the final product.

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We build prototypes of your idea at a fixed cost to test on the early adopters before launching the product in the market.

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Partnering with customers to build robust and innovative software-driven products for meaningful and engaging user experiences.

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Build With Confidence. We Know How To Build Engaging Mobile Applications.

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We work with IoT companies – providers of hardware, software, communications, turnkey solutions and XaaS companies who provide IoT offerings as a service.

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Our latest projects

Tailor-Made Development For Industries

042 Clinic

O42Clinics is a leading company providing great medical facilities and bridging the gap between the doctors and patients. They wanted to build a web-based application to let both parties to connect and communicate with each other.

042Clinics wanted a healthcare portal for doctors to connect and monitor the health and well-being of their patients.

Digital Platform

Secure Data Leakage

Payment Information Encryption

Real-time Communication

We built a robust web platform with enterprise-grade designs for optimized user experiences and driving sales through digital marketing with the following features

Responsive Website Design

Epicode CRM Integration

Enterprise Digital Transformation

Enterprise Digital Marketing

We Roll On

WeRollOn is a social network constructed for a disabled community to connect and create experiences along with getting the help they require. They wanted a one-of-a-kind idea and demanded the same level of innovation in building their digital platform.

We Roll On desired to build a complete social network, segmented into parts to provide a virtual experience of the daily interactions in life, on a digital platform.

Comprehensive Web Solution

Real-Time Communication

Social Media Platform


We engineered a mobile app platform for disabled children to connect, communicate with each and express their thoughts along with getting the care they required.

Comprehensive Web Platform Engineering

Multi-Platform Account Management

Dynamic Social Network

Chat Platform Integration


Blurbsurfer is a leading branding website for products and companies to showcase their products through advertisements.

Blurbsurfer did not have a web property where they could allow their users to interact. They had following requirements

Upload advertising videos

Professional interface to network and interact

Search Optimization and account handling

We developed an robust user interface for Blurbsurfer to help their scale their business. We helped them with

Payment Gateway encryption

Customization based on brand preference

Multi-language integration

Geo search on website

Search Filter Tools


DuoTrac is a leading company providing virtual coaching to aspirant golfers through a meticulously designed mobile application

They demanded an highly application where different users can meet and do business seamlessly. They needed a responsive and user-friendly UI/UX along with a robust back-end framework.

Anroid based app to help golfers learn the sport virtually

Establish effective communication between application and sensors

A link between sensors and calc engine to maintain accuracy in data analysis

We built a robust application with enterprise-grade designs for optimized user experiences with following features

User friendly application with sensor integration

calc engine to analyse real-time exact data

Real-time coaching functionality.

Accurate Detection of club face angle and weight shift.

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