Why Is Unity 3D The Most Highly Preferred Game Engine?

Why Is Unity 3D The Most Highly Preferred Game Engine?

What is Unity 3D?

Back in 2004, Unity Technologies created unity game engine as a development tool for their project GooBall. Later it was launched worldwide at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

It became a hit instantly and successfully democratized game development allowing developers all over the world to create rich interactive 3D games with great convenience and affordability.

Since then several game engines have emerged but Unity 3D has stood the test of time and has managed to remain the game-making behemoth that it has always been.

World Famous For Its Convenient Operationality

The first thing I noticed when I used Unity 3D was that it has a great control over the visual aspects.


I was amazed at its complete focus on simplified game development workflow and how it allowed me to build and modify my project with great convenience.

You can adjust and alter the position of an object in the scene using a simple click-drag option. You can also examine the behavior of an object using the inspector window (Shown below).


The unity editor includes specialized plugins that integrate Unity interface seamlessly ensuring increased productivity. These features have changed the face of game developing.

Scripting Flexibility

There are so many game engines that have a visual editor. And each of them claims that they have the best one. But they are completely ignorant of the fact that they lack the power required to build complex games due to their narrow approach towards object behavior.


Unity leads the pack because their object behavior is not limited to built-in modules that come along with the engine. Instead, it supports three robust languages: JavaScript, C#, and Boo.

Additionally, it also allows the developers to use all three languages at the same time within a project. When this feature was unveiled, it caused a huge stir among the developers because it meant that developers with different technology background can contribute to a project at the same time.

The very fact that languages are used as scripts provides fast programming compilation, quick iterations, and complete design flexibility.

This approach towards game development has ensured that developers can begin making games quickly and back it with strong object behavior.

One For All, All For One

What I am about to mention is probably the most impressive feature of Unity engine. It can build your projects compatible for multiple platforms with incredible ease.

Unity can build games for Windows PC, Linux (new with version 4), iOS (with plugin), Mac, Android (with plugin), Web Browser, Flash (with plugin), PS3, Xbox, and Wii U. Developers just must make a simple selection from the drop-down menu.


This feature, when unveiled, came as a huge relief to the developers as they can now spend more time and energy on enhancing the quality of projects and less time worrying about porting the games to different devices.

The idea of platform limitation has become obsolete and now you can deploy your projects on different platforms without the specific expertise. If you know unity, you know it all.

Not Only Games

You might be wondering who is using unity and what for are they using. Unity holds a vast user base. Many large enterprises and independent firms have discovered the versatility of unity 3D. What you are unaware of is that this large user base constitutes a significant proportion of non-gaming companies.

Yes, it has found its applications in research, simulation, and demonstration by companies all over the world. There are several other fields as well. You can check some amazing unity games and other projects in the unity gallery. What I noticed is that each game looks and play differently. This tells a lot about the versatility of this amazing game engine.


From what you’ve read, it seriously is quite evident that unity3d plays an important part in the evolution of modern gaming.

They are constantly evolving and enhancing the gaming experience and they have played a huge role in providing a convenient medium for the developers.