Why Magento is the best eCommerce platform for your online business?

Why Magento is the best eCommerce platform for your online business?

Earlier, E-commerce sites demanded exorbitant investments which were most affordable by large enterprises. But with a gradual increase in customers, it became imperative for physical retail businessmen to switch to online business.

This is where Magento came into the picture. It has combined hosting, ease of use and point of sales systems and maintaining affordability at the same it. Magento rose to fame due to an extensive network of service, design and integration resources.

Today, it occupies major market share. Such is its influence. Following is the market share pie chart.


Magento has been instrumental in bringing about the e-commerce revolution as we know it today. Let us see how have they managed to digitalize the functioning of the retail industry.

Versatile Content Management

This feature has brought a great deal of convenience in visual page editing.

It has allowed shop owners to build and customize their page on the go and the best part is that it does not even demand high-end technical knowledge.

Today, even start-ups can afford to build their own extensive e-commerce store with the help of Magento development.

Seamless Responsivity 

With total digitalization of retail industry, customers demand high responsivity from your website and the flexibility of accessing your store from any device be it desktop, smartphones or tabs.asdasdAnd Magento has taken this concept a step further by providing highly responsive shopping carts.This makes it your store seamlessly viewable through any device ranging from smartphones, mobile devices, and tablets to desktop computers.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization 

Since all the business is there online, there is an immense competition for google rankings.seoAnd Magento turns out to be, along with a convenient e-commerce tool, a great marketing, and promotional instrument as well.It is 100% search engine friendly. Its compatibility with sitemaps, URL rewrites, meta titles and meta description allows aspiring e-retail owners to crawl up to the google rankings.

Powerful & Capacious

I can’t think of any tool providing the kind of scalability that Magento does.

A standard e-commerce site powered by Magento can host up to 500,000 products. Its order handling density is 80,000 orders per hour.This capaciousness of Magento has taken e-commerce to another level and today e-stores are running successfully without any glitches caused often due to exceeding online traffic.

Increased Reach

Online stores today have seamless reach because Magento has powered them with multiple shipping.

Today, e-commerce stores can ship orders to multiple addresses at the same time. This has revolutionized the e-retail industry and with multiple shipping, online shops can now serve their huge customer base.

Catalog Browsing & Intelligent filters

Today, online stores such as Amazon and eBay house more than 400,000 products.Hence, proper management of these products using proper modules such as catalog browsers and search filters is essential to optimize the product searching experience of the customer.

Online stores built using Magento have dynamic filters successfully segregate products under generic categories and multitude of parameters. This will improve the overall user experience allowing them to browse through the products with incredible ease.

Analytics & Reporting

So many people are shopping online and due to ultra-high customer frequency, a huge chunk of data is produced. If this data is analyzed and studied it can give interesting insights into customer behavior.

Magento is integrated with Google Analytics. This serves as a perfect admin dashboard which helps to analyze data with utmost precision revealing significant facts about the store and its relationship with its customers.

Global Site Management

Magento has made it possible to make e-commerce stores compatible globally.

global-optOnline stores powered by Magento support multilingualism. They support localization in multiple countries. Taking the concept one step ahead, they also support multiple currencies conversion with respective tax rates.


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur dreaming of opening an extensive online shop, then Magento is the right option for you.

You can set up a capacious e-commerce store capable of multiple location deliveries and build a complete cohesive network with incredible ease.