Why Should You Choose Magento Over OpenCart, BigCommerce, Shopify & PrestaShop For Your Next Ecommerce Website?

Why Should You Choose Magento Over OpenCart, BigCommerce, Shopify & PrestaShop For Your Next Ecommerce Website?

Overview of Magento, Open Cart, Big Commerce, Shopify and PrestaShop:

Now a days, it has become difficult to choose the right platform for your e-commerce website development when there are more than twenty best e-commerce platforms available in market. Among all those platforms, Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, Shopify and PrestaShop have topped the chart. Few of them provide paid services and few of them provide free services, but all five have their own sets of pros and cons when it comes to using them for your website. Magento has outshined all other platforms by its sheer performance and incorporation of a wide range of functionalities including multiple store management, Catalogue Promotional Pricing, Multi-Tier Pricing, Flexible Coupons and Private Sales Help, Access Control List, Customer Segmentation and Targeted Offerings etc.

Similarities among Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop:

Both Magento for e-commerce and OpenCart are open source platforms. Hence their basic versions are freely downloadable, and they support huge level of customization with the help of apps downloadable from their respective app stores. PrestaShop is also an open source platform but it is cloud based. Both BigCommerce and Shopify are SaaS based platforms and these are paid ones. You can opt for any monthly plan that suits your website requirement.

Difference among Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop:

All five come with different pricing norms. Open source ones are free, whereas SaaS based platforms are paid. Again, their functionalities are also different. Magento and OpenCart will allow you to download unlimited number of apps from their freely available app store. BigCommerce and Shopify do not provide that much flexibility, they are hardcoded and not much customizable. But the positive side of using BigCommerce and Shopify is all the technical overloads will be taken care by the platforms only, you do not have to worry about technical nitty-gritties. Whereas, in case of OpenCart vs Magento (and to some extent for PrestaShop also), you need to know handling codes in order to implement customizations. Open source platforms do not check for secure payment gateways and hence credit card payment acceptance can pose a problem for those. SaaS based platforms do not pose that problem since they offer secure payment bridges. They also integrate some reputed marketplace for selling your products like Amazon, eBay etc.

When to Choose OpenCart?

When you are a beginner and do not know any programming language, rely on OpenCart. It comes with thorough guidelines documented along with screenshots. It is easily customizable and free open source solution for first time developers or start-up enthusiasts who want to learn and experiment with the modules. It is also lightweight and runs fast. But it is not meant for large scale e-commerce business, because it comes with limited features. It does not ensure high performance unless the user takes separate initiative like additional plugins for SEO optimization, separate arrangement for managing cache out of the box etc.

When to Choose BigCommerce?

If you do not need much customization and do not want to break your head in bearing responsibilities, but ready to spend money, then choose BigCommerce. BigCommerce is not an open source option, it is made of SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. SaaS offers best of the breed solution, but the users do not have to customize the platform by writing codes, BigCommerce takes care of every issue. Unlike OpenCart, BigCommerce is not a DIY (do it yourself) website. Here, all the headaches pertaining to hosting, scalability, payment, security and software upgradation etc. are all taken care of by BigCommerce itself. Since it is not open source platform, it does not come free, it charges you a monthly fee. However, it provides a free trial for first 14 days. BigCommerce Channel Manager connects with native integration module of eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Walmart, Sears, Rakuten to achieve higher sales.

When to Choose Shopify?

If you want unlimited sales for your website, choose Shopify. Once again, Shopify is also a SaaS platform and not an open source platform. Hence, here also you need to pay the monthly charges. You do not have to know HTML, CSS or PHP as Shopify helps you by providing with the built-in CMS frames which you can choose. Shopify emphasizes on marketing and SEO tools for boosting your sales. There are coupon codes, discounting option, email marketing system, free advertising credits and social media integration. On the cons side, Shopify is apparently a bit pricier in comparison. But unlike BigCommerce, in Shopify there is no sales limit apply and the credit card fees are lower in Shopify

When to Choose PrestaShop?

If you are analytical person and always judge the statistical results of actual data before making a decision, choose PrestaShop. It is an open source cloud based e-commerce solution, hence it is freely downloadable. It emulates the combination of Magento’s complexities and Shopify’s simplicity. It has some commendable statistical facilities like Intelligent Merchant KPI, Forecasting etc. which prepares incoming web traffic data and eCommerce Analytics is applied on that data to derive various important metrics. Like BigCommerce, Prestashop also has integration with popular marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping etc. it also enhances integration with business platforms like WordPress, SEO Expert, Advanced Search 4, Facebook, Newsletter Pro, Pixmania, Bitcoin, Mailchimp, Icecat etc.

When to Choose Magento?

If you are tech-savvy and enthusiastic to implement all the features in your site, try Magento. Magento is like the King of all e-commerce solutions available in the market. It allows you to have all the facilities on the earth, but you can customize everything if you at least know coding in HTML, CSS and PHP. Magento has various editions which caters to different customer’s different requirements. If one is handling a small sized business, he is supposed to use Magento Community Version; on the other hand, if one is handling medium or big sized e-commerce business, then he is supposed to use Magento Enterprise Version. Magento encircles all the features of OpenCart, BigCommerce, Shopify and PrestaShop everything at one place.


There are broadly two types of platforms – one is open source and the other one is SaaS based. If you are accustomed with coding and want more customizations, then open source platforms like Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop are ideal for you. Else, if you want more formatted platform which does not require much customizations, then SaaS based platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce are ideal for your usage. Judging all pros and cons, Magento is the best platform you can use for the best possible flourishment of your e-commerce website.